Sunday poetry: Here's Your Helmet

Greetings All,

The Sunday Poetry Series:

Here’s Your Helmet

He was just a kid on a dead end street.
The houses were boarded, the sky was bleak.
His grandmother raised him and remembers
when there was a dream or two left for kids like him.

He stayed in school but it’s over now.
He just graduated into the faceless crowd.

Here’s your helmet
Here’s you gun
War is the duty of the poor woman’s son.
The poor woman’s child is the chosen one
who will defend the wealth of the rich man’s son.

We can say it’s for freedom
we can say it’s for peace.
But the sad truth is he will die for greed.

Here’s you helmet
Here’s your gun
We send you to do what should not be done.
copyright 2006
Kim Gongre


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