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It has been said the truth will set you free. The trick with truth is you have to actually care about it, seek it out and then be willing to accept the often devastating things it can reveal. Despite the efforts of our government to conceal the truth from it's citizens many courageous people from all walks of life have dared to care, question the motives of authority and then report the findings. For example, more people than ever are now aware of the undisputed fact that our government engages in torture.
Excerpt from a news report today :

Pentagon won't hide interrogation tactics
By LOLITA C. BALDOR, Associated Press Writer
Military leaders have argued that disclosing all the interrogation techniques public would make it easier for enemy prisoners to resist questioning.
As originally planned, the classified section would have included details such as how long prisoners can be forced to sit or stand in certain positions or how hot or cold their holding areas can be kept. The defense officials did not say which interrogation techniques would be included in the manual.

Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said for the first time last month that officials were at odds over whether the manual should endorse different interrogation techniques for enemy insurgents than are allowed for regular prisoners of war.
There are concerns such a distinction could violate a law enacted last year that explicitly banned cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment of prisoners by U.S. troops.

Donald Rumsfeld is concerned over who we can torture and not with the fact that we do? God help us all.

The types of "interrogation techniques" have already been widely reported by those who have been subjected to it. We know of these techniques because they were fortunate enough to have people on the outside who could pressure the government for contact with them and for their release. America is bringing a chilling new meaning to the term false arrest.

Let's say you're a terror suspect being held at the hell on earth known as Abu Ghraib. You have not been charged with any crime because you did not commit one. Do these military leaders really think knowing in advance how cold or hot your solitarty confinement cell will be, exactly how you will be hog tied and in which stress position, or how long your sleep deprivation will last will actually enable you to better resist them? That excuse is on the same level as "my dog ate my homework". Are we as a nation really going to accept this nonsense?

It is a post 9-11 world after all, where the war on terror mentality has taken us to straight the level of terrorism. What's next beheading of terror suspects in the Wal-Mart parking lot? Call me crazy, but I am not so sure that would be considered a bad idea in some places in America. We did it with public hanging and witch burning, are those really so different?

Would the three Guantanamo Bay suspects/detainees who committed suicide have been more hopeful after four years of these "interrogation techniques" that they would survive the ordeal if they had known what to expect before they arrived. Too bad the innocent guy who was set to be released didn't know it, but then why on earth would he have any hope of that after four years in Gitmo? Would you? Who is responsible for his death? Will they be subjected to sleep deprivation or any other form of American justice/revenge? Not likely.

The next time you see someone get up and turn their back on Rumsfeld, Condi or George, rise up and join them and take a stand against the barbaric brand of freedom they promote.


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