EPA Lies Heroes Die

The Raw Story has obtained and released a letter written by EPA scientist Dr. Cate Jenkins to Sen. Hillary Clinton and others outlining the falsification of data on levels of breathable alkaline dust at ground zero. Dr. Jenkins reports that the EPA falsified PH results to make the substance seem benign. Dr. Cates included e-mails backing her claim in the letter as well.

The brave men and women who joined in the rescue that day and for months after may have gone in anyway, even had they known that the air they were breathing was corrosive and would result in putting their own health at risk. The tragedy of the EPA lie is that many who have suffered the ill affects of exposure such as loss of pulmonary function and in some cases have died as a result might well have been helped if they had known what they had been exposed to.

The EPA knew but for reasons of their own decided to keep the heroes and citizens of NY in the dark with a lie.

Many thanks to Dr. Jenkins for being brave enough to stand up to the EPA and go public with the truth. I am not sure why she waited so long, but I am sure I would have to think long and hard before exposing myself to the wrath whistleblowers face these days. Not to mention the fact that accontability in our government is hardly ever upheld anyway.

True patriots tell the truth even at great personal risk.
Traitors lie to save themselves.

You can reach Sen. Clinton to inquire about her intent of action regarding this letter at:
Sen. Clinton contact webform

View Dr. Cates Letter at:
The Raw Story


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