The People Electeth and the Committee Taketh Away

Well done, to the people of Birmingham Alabama for stepping beyond prejudice and bigotry.

Too bad what you want does not seem to make a damn bit of difference in this American democracy.

How to completely disregard the will of the people in an election (when it suits you).

  • Patricia Todd won the Democratic Primary for a seat in the Alabama House of Representatives, District 54, Birmingham by 59 votes.
  • Todd is the associated director of AIDS Alabama, a social service and AIDS education agency.
  • Party committee overturns the peoples choice by a 5-0 vote
  • She would have become the first openly gay elected official in the state's history.
  • The committee disqualified Todd and her opponent, Gaynell Hendricks, because they had not filed a required campaign finance report on time.
The same rule has been ignored by all candidates since 1988 and the Associated Press has reported that this year's party nominees for Governor and Lieutenant Governor have not filed the reports as well.

Well, clearly they must not be Lesbian candidates and therefore may bypass the rules without fear of disqualification. Looks like this one may have been held in reserve for just such an occasion.

Will the folks in Birmingham just lie down and take this? I guess we shall see how much their democratic rights really mean to them. The perps will be watching for sure and duly noting just how far they can push the citizens of this country before they stand and fight back.

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