Getting down to it, American Fascism vs. Islamic Fascism.

I know I am but what are you.

It’s a playground classic. Accuse your adversary of the very thing you are guilty of.

Fascism is fascism is fascism no matter where it comes from or how it is wrapped. The unbounded greed of corporate America, invading the world one economy at a time. The Christian fundamentalist breaking down the separation of church and state. The Islamic jihadist blowing themselves and others up for Allah. They all want the same thing.


The power to control the lives and resources of others for their own benefit.

In America we have called it:

Indian Reservations


Immanent Domain.

Spreading democracy.

National Security.

The War on Terror.

Foreign policy.

Senator Rick Santorum had this to say:

"In World War II we fought Nazism and Japanese imperialism," Santorum said in a high-profile speech at the National Press Club on July 20. "Today we are fighting Islamic fascism. They attacked us on Sept. 11, because we are the greatest obstacle in front of them to their openly declared mission of subjecting the entire world to their fanatical rule."

In a conference call with reporters Friday Santorum said that it was vital that “we correctly define the enemy in front of us ... One of the reasons I gave the speech at the Press Club was that I thought we had to better define this enemy and clearly articulate that to the American public of what we’re up against, that these are not isolated instances but this is a coordinated Islamic fascist movement against us.”

Rick Santorum could have just said,

I know I am but what are you? Thugs on the playground of the world duking it out.

Yes, things are different now than they were in WWII. America is acting a lot more like an Axis power this time around than we did back then.


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