What Happens Next When Crying Wolf Isn’t Working Anymore?

The right wing argument might be that it is better to be safe than sorry. Ordinarily I would agree with that statement, however there is something else I like to take into account and it is called the bigger picture. Right wingers, are not without their own bigger picture, but sadly it rarely reaches beyond their own self-interests and preservation of a rather narrowly focused status-quo.

I watch as many people who identify with this group swallow lies whole and glory in their dutifulness to authority in doing so.
In their most private thoughts, do they ever question their allegiance?
Do their leaders’ cries of wolf always work on them?
Or do they accept the economy of truth as a necessary evil?
I wonder if one ever really feels safe with a ruthless master.
Who knows?
I guess only they do.

But what if Bush saying Boo is not enough anymore for the rest of us?

What is justifiable to coerce Americans who are not jumping at the call any longer to get back into the fear express lane?

What is acceptable in retaining power over those that refuse to accept what has been deemed the truth and therefore best for them?

To suppose these questions are not being pondered, at this point, would be foolish. It has already been decided that such things as torture are a viable option. The depravity of that decision should be obvious to everyone even though apparently it isn’t.

Which brings me back, to the bigger picture, and I ask myself again what happens when crying wolf doesn’t work anymore?

My own answer is to remember this is all leading us somewhere.

Perhaps ultimately out of the darkness so many of us cared so little about for so very long when we thought it did not affect us personally.

That is the only thing that could honor the death and suffering by so many and make it all worthwhile.

When the battles have ended and peace prevails, as we look back from a new perspective, perhaps then we can honor all those on both sides for their service in getting us there.

Until then, we resolve to stand firm on our liberal beliefs in peace, compassion, justice and empathy. We shall keep our dignity as we endure the slurs of "unpatriotic" and "apologist" from the right wing, as well as whatever may come from BushCo after crying wolf has failed them.

Peace to All Souls


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