Bush Insults Every Person Who Died On 9/11

The facts have started to emerge on the Bush regimes influencing of Brittish intelligence in the latest terror episode in order to maximize political impact on the American voting public.

Anyone surprised?
You shouldn't be. They have been mercilessly using the victims of 9/11 as fodder for fueling their own political agenda for five years.

Utilizing terror intelligence for purely political gain is an insult to every person who died on 9/11.

Here is a short exchange on the matter that shows, yet again, the only kind of defense this administration can offer for their actions:

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. in a conference call with reporters:
"They've run this play one too many times. The American people simply do not recognize any validity in what they're saying."

White House SpokesModel Tony Snow:
"It sounds to me like Senator Reid is trying to accuse us of politicizing while he, himself, is politicizing the issue".

Ever talk to a five year old who used this tactic? Tony Snow must be taking lessons from one.

I repeat. My new favorite saying for just about everything that comes out of their mouths these days. I know I am but what are you?

I am no fan of Senator Reid but I hope he is right that people will begin to notice this incessant talking in circles for the complete admission of guilt that it is.

Meanwhile thousands of our own soldiers and countless civilians on our various terror manufacturing fronts are still dying.

When you remember 9/11 this year, honor those who died by taking some time to educate yourself about the facts around that event. I have provided two excellent links below to help you do just that.

When you go to the polls this November:

Let those of either party that would use the acts of terrorists to further their own political agendas know that this disrespects the victims of 9/11, the soldiers and civilians killed in their wars of aggression and did not go unnoticed.

Check out these links and get the facts.

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