The Architect....Must Have New Book On Rove

Peace Tree Reader New Book Alert!

The Architect hit stores yesterday. Below you will find an excerpt from the BuzzFlash review.
The Peace Tree highly recommends this work!

We have included a link to purchase it online from our books section located in the center column of the blog.


The Architect
James Moore and Wayne Slater

Moore and Slater come closest to being the unofficial biographers of Karl Rove. They are Texan journalists who have known him pretty much from the beginning of his sordid and successful career as a political consultant/dirty trickster par excellence.

Rove is the Tanya Harding of political strategists. He'll do anything to achieve a one-party country and amass unchallenged power.

On page 118 of "The Architect," the authors note: "Ultimately, in Rove's view, the value of religious conservatives was not that their beliefs enrich public policy but that their cohesion enabled the politics. Former White House speechwriter David Frum said Rove sees the American electorate as 'an enormous box of toy magnets. Some of the magnets were white, and some were black or brown; some were rural, some married, others single....The job of a political strategist was to gather the maximum feasible of magnets."

And for Rove, achieving the maximum feasible number of magnets is not to be constrained by morality, scruples or the law.

Read the entire review at : BuzzFlash


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