Let ABC Know Its The Facts That Matter

Please follow the links at the end of this post to let ABC know that America is fed up with 9/11 being manipulated for political gain.

People involved in the making of this film have come out to say that it fictionalizes key issues that the administration would like to have America hold as fact.

Read the Move On statement below and sign the petition!

Please pass on this message to folks you know who can help.

The Path to 9/11 appears to be part of a coordinated push—including speeches by President Bush and millions of dollars in advertising—to exploit the five-year anniversary of 9/11 for political gain. That's not acceptable from anyone—especially not a news organization like ABC.

It's not just that ABC's movie is slanted. Big parts of it are simply untrue. The producer himself even admitted to simply improvising a key scene which depicts the Clinton administration letting bin Laden go when they had him in their sights—a complete fabrication. Last night, the movie's star, Harvey Keitel, said "It turned out not all the facts were correct."

It's really pretty simple: ABC shouldn't have any role in the political exploitation of 9/11. But this docudrama is designed to do just that—spreading a false message to millions of viewers across the country.

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