Sound Advice On Iraq

Straight from Minnesota 5th District Democratic Nominee for The United States Congress, Keith Ellison.

Amy Goodman interviewed Mr. Ellison today on Democracy Now and he offered the best advice to date on what to do with the colossal crime that is Iraq.

After all the manipulations, gyrations and outright lying about Iraq, Mr. Ellison had this to say about what our frst step should be:

"My father used to always say, when you dig yourself a hole, the best thing to do is to stop digging."

This is a guy we can use in government today.

Keith Ellison could become the first Muslim member of Congress in American History and stands to become the first African American ever elected to represent the state of Minnesota at the federal level.

More from Newsvine:

Democrat Could Be First Muslim Congressman

MINNEAPOLIS — State lawmaker Keith Ellison didn't let questions about his past slow down his campaign to become the first Muslim in Congress. On Tuesday, voters responded to his liberal message calling for peace, withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and universal health care. He beat three contenders in the Democratic primary in a Minneapolis-area district long dominated by his party.

Visit the official Keith Ellison campaign site:

Complete DN! interview here


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