Sunday Poetry Series: Dear Activists

The selection this week comes from Peace Tree contributing poet Tina Louise. Thank you again Tina Louise for sharing your words with the Peace Tree.

Tina Louise on the poem Dear Activisits:
When I started trying to find ways to let my government know how much the war upset me and how wrong I felt it was, I hit a lot of brick walls. All the ignorance, arrogance and lies came from the official channels of complaint....but once I found the grass-roots activists, bloggers, artists etc. I found honesty, courtesy, warmth and humility blended with the tenacity and ferocity we need to get this war ended.

And now...

Dear Activists

To the activists

The tireless masses

Who have dished the truth

When it was labelled dirt

Who risked reputations

Suffered hurt

Who called spades spades

And never gave

In to government cavalcade

To Cindy Sheehan

And the rest

Who have tried their very best

To out the truth

And reveal the lies

To rip apart

Media disguise

To men and women

Students and veterans

To grandmas and scholars

Mourning families of servicemen

To all the individuals

Who took a stand

Refused to be fed by hand

The bullshit that takes us to war

The fantasy that implores

We torture spy and mistrust

Even the most innocent of us

To all who responded

When others cried ‘help’

To all who offered

Bandwidth as well

To internet surfers who paved the way

To veteran musicians who play

Old songs and new songs

That pluck at the core

Of government lunacy and more

To Dylan for the back catalogue

And Lennon too

Neil Young and Springsteen

Refreshed and renewed

To all who replied when I asked how

I could be heard about this war now

For the courtesy and friendship

Intellect and wit

For the genuine way

You all gave a sh*t

….thank you.

You can read all Tina's excellent work here

Get involved with Arms Against War


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