Sunday Poetry Series: Peace

The selection this week comes from Poet, Television and Film Actress, and Director Vivienne Glance. I know our readers will love her work as much as I do and I am very pleased to welcome her aboard as the newest member of The Peace Tree Poets Society.

Her Bio:
Vivienne’s poetry and short stories have appeared in various publications including Short Stories Australia and Blue Dog, and she’s won prizes and a commendation in competitions. She regularly performs her poetry at readings and conducts workshops for writers on presenting their work in public and on performance poetry.

She has had full length plays produced in Seattle, London and Edinburgh and short plays in Perth and Sydney. She is an actor and theatre director with nearly twenty years professional experience, and has worked in Europe, USA and Australia in theatre, film and TV. She now lives in Western Australia.

And Now...


I am a crumbling rock

I am a dream in patchwork

I am a giant balanced on a splinter

I am a basket of guilt

I am an outward breath

I am the dust on the shelf of memory

I am the hands of a baby

I am a glance at meaning

I am the crease in the curtain of denial

I am the green of valleys

I am a splash on a canvas

I am the water on desert seeds

And I am the christening of niggling questions

Who laid bare the kernel?

Who stencils humanity?

Who will embrace the flame?

I am the mournful song

I am the hopeful prayer.

Tune in next week when Poet Tina Louise returns with another piece of fine work for Peace Tree readers.


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