Just Nod If You Can Hear Me

I was making the rounds of my favorite sites today and I came across this little item at Crooks and Liars. It boggles the mind that one so incredibly obtuse, so stunningly disassociated and one dimensional could actually hold the office of President in The United States of America.

But he does.

Maybe this is really just a bad dream?

Nope, he's still there.

Maria Bartiromo of CNBC asked Bush the burning question on all our minds these days:

“Have you ever Googled anybody? Do you use Google?

Here is the answer our President delivered:

“Occasionally. One of the things I’ve used on the Google is to pull up maps. It’s very interesting to see that. I forgot the name of the program, but you get the satellite and you can — like, I kind of like to look at the ranch on Google, reminds me of where I want to be sometimes. Yeah, I do it some. I tend not to email or — not only tend not to email, I don’t email, because of the different record requests that can happen to a president. I don’t want to receive emails because, you know, there’s no telling what somebody’s email may — it would show up as, you know, a part of some kind of a story, and I wouldn’t be able to say, `Well, I didn’t read the email. 'But I sent it to your address, how can you say you didn’t?' So, in other words, I’m very cautious about emailing.”

He likes to look at “the ranch”.

He tends not to use e-mail.

He does not use e-mail.

He is very cautious with the e-mail he does not use.

He does not use e-mail because he is paranoid about it.

I know this sort of Bush speak is nothing new but it still just blows me away every time.

Peace y’all


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