The Peace and Justice Movement. Who Are We?

Sojourning Soul, contributing author here at The Peace Tree, brought up an interesting point about The World Can't Wait movement that I did not know. He wrote a comment in my previous post I thought was interesting and thought provoking. I am posting his comment and my response here because I feel it is worth exploring.

SoJo wrote:

I have very mixed emotions about this movement. On the one hand, I agree with most of what they're saying. On the other hand, I have a problem with the fact that the Supporters of the Revolutionist Communist Party created it. I have not begun to resolve this dilemma; I'm only voicing my ambivalence.

(If there is any question as to the involvement of the Supporters of the Revolutionist Communist Party, here is a cut/paste from the World Can't Wait site FAQ section at their site.)

Q: But aren't there communists in World Can't Wait?

A: Yeah, there are. Supporters of the Revolutionary Communist Party helped initiate it. They're in it because they think it's absolutely urgent to get rid of this regime, that it would both lift a huge burden from the world and would also give people a sense of their own potential power, and they think all that would open up avenues to get to the kind of society they want. Same as a whole lot of other people in World Can't Wait which, by the way, includes Greens, Christians, Republicans, anarchists, Muslims, Jews, feminists, Democrats, pacifists, and people who claim no affiliation also think it's urgent to drive out the Bush Regime and also think it can help lead to bigger changes that they want in society, coming from their own viewpoints.

But to turn the question around, if you refuse to pitch in to October 5th, when you know that this is what has to be done just because there are communists in it, then you need to think about how well that worked back in the days of McCarthy or in Nazi Germany (when the many forces opposed to Hitler could not find the ways to unite). And how exactly would you explain your particular brand of "abstinence-only" policy to a prisoner at Abu Ghraib or a teenager in Tennessee who desperately needs an abortion or someone under the bombing rubble of Falluja or Lebanon? And then after you think about that, you need to actually start working on October 5. To stand aside at this point is really unconscionable.

My response:

I did not know that, but I would have to say I believe that the movement to take back this country (and the global movement in general) from those who believe it is theirs to plunder with impunity is the first order of business for freedom loving people of all stripes.

Getting a nation to face that fact and act accordingly is the first and most formidable task we all face. All of us interested in this endeavor need to rally together, set our differences aside for now and support that cause, for if we can't do that now there won't be any opportunity later to explore the pros and cons of our individual and group ideologies and how they work or don't in a world where cooperation reigns instead of tyranny. It just may be that extremist ideologies born out of this age of tyranny may not be applicable or useful (in their current forms at least) in a peaceful, cooperative era, perhaps the Revolutionist Communist may find this to be so as well.

Every human here on this planet today is a part of the creator's consciousness, each matters as much as any other and has a part to play in creating where we collectively decide we wish to go. Some will pursue that end in the negative and some the positive, most will do both but we will arrive where we wish to go all the same.

I believe that place we seek to go; to create on this planet is simply wholeness. The body, mind and spirit aware of itself as individual and yet also part of all that is as well.

Simply. Heaven on Earth. I believe that has always been our goal but we lacked the understanding, we allowed others who would take it for only them to tell us what we believe, we grew fat, comfortable and complacent, we became righteous and indignant in defense of our private privilege and we have thrown the crumbs of apathy to those whose lives we directly or indirectly starve for our own benefit.

We are being shown and are showing ourselves the worst of ourselves in order that we may know our best and choose it consciously.

What do you think?
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Peace to All Souls,


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