Sunday Poetry Series: Disdain

The selection this week comes from Tina Louise, Peace Tree contributing poet. Tina brings us a poets view of the media and the message.

Tina Louise on Disdain:
Hidden beneath false reality is the truth of how our world really is [December 2004]
and now......


We stand with flowers and open hearts,
But you know the finer arts,
Of war and terror,
And utilise the error,
Of underestimation,
To crack once mighty nations.

Power play, playing leaders,
Reeking havoc,
In an enemy’s name,
Transferring and switching blame.

Transparent yet hidden,
Beneath unbelievable.
Almost unreachable.

Peace in pieces,
As power deceives us,
Who will believe us,
When we cry ‘lie’?

Who will answer,
When we cry ‘why’?

The end is not nigh,
Each moment is the beginning,
Sadly lost in the winning,
Of daily body counts,
Or sales amounts.

Not marked with joy for what is,
Just a ploy taking us to the abyss,
Of never ending improved tomorrows,
Of non existent dreams borrowed.

Losing our now in favour of better,
Losing our futures to a never ever
Land of make believe.
As we seek to ease,
Our nagging doubts,
And wondering abouts,
By hearing what we’re given to hear,
Burying the truth ‘neath layers of fear.

As we choose to believe the lies, promises and news,
Presented by those who seek to confuse,
Our senses from sensing the real of the state,
Our lives are in as they sedate
With ‘reality’ visions,
Ever more provisions,
Distracting suppositions,
Fed to the minions,
In their millions.

A diet filled with saccharine truth,
Leading us past the hidden proof,
Of deception for gain,
Power with pain,

Disdain, disdain, disdain.

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