You Can Sign But You Can't Hide

Bush has placed his pen to what he hopes will be his own pardon for war crimes. Surely, the CIA and others who deliver the torture can rest easy now as well.

Bush may believe that he will be the one to decide what is and what is not officially torture, but he is not. He may feel he is entitled to decide who shall be subject to indefinite detention without due process, but he is not.

Bush may actually have delusions that a unitary executive will fly in this country but he is wrong. Americans may be extremely susceptible to long bouts of apathy but this is pushing the envelope way too far.

If there is anything left of our decency as Americans this will be challenged in the courts and these distinctly unconstitutional acts will be ruled as such.

America is waking up to the nightmare of our own governments decline into fascism and the implications of that decent into darkness for all of us.

The question is are we courageous enough to drag our own boggey men out from under the bed and into the light?
Pull the covers over our heads and hope they just go away?

We know the difference between right and wrong. We know what is torture and what is not.
That is not the real question here.

The real question is will we torture other human beings. Period.

Bush says yes, we certainly will.

He says that course will lead us to victory.

I say it only leads us to Hell. The one we are allowing to be created on earth, right here, right now if we accept this twisted view of morality as our own.

Peace y'all


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