Neo-Cons and "The Base". Splitting the Sheet

Our good friend here at The Peace Tree, Sojourning Soul, sent me a link to a very interesting post. It seems that Rush Limbaugh has been "carrying water" for the neo-cons and he ain't gonna do it no more, now that they lost their mojo anyway.

This little riff between the The Base and the former HQ is really getting interesting. Losing seems to have put a little "strain" on the relationship. I knew "the base" was getting impatient with Bush and company to consummate their marriage of church and state but now that the honeymoon is over and they have been found to be unfaithful things are getting really nasty.

My previous post on some of the comments coming from the right regarding thier party leaders were down right scary....they should all be hung? Of course that individual was careful to add the caveat "figuratively", but still. No amicable divorce here.

I always heard when you get married for the wrong reasons it never lasts.

So, check out this little story on what Rush had to say to his listeners and I will try to check in while I am in Vegas, if I can catch a wave somewhere.

Be kind to the conservatives....they really thought this guy was telling it to them to

A former Dittohead reports:

Rush Tells His Audience 'I'm Full of Crap'...Seriously!

You can read the entire transcript of the show over at Limbaugh.

Peace Y'all


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