Bush Is Still Deaf and Blind

Apparently Bush is just as deaf and blind to the will of the people as he was on November 6th.

Despite the "make nice talk" the scream heard ‘round the world for Bush to listen and see that we want accountability and disclosure of the truth about Iraq has fallen on stone deaf ears.

Bush seeks to replace Rumsfeld with another yes man.

Mr. Gates has a sordid history with the CIA that includes accusations of fixing intelligence. Good choice for Bush, not so good for anyone who wishes to see a change in the way the debacle in Iraq is going to be handled.

It is being reported that Bush wishes to have his guy confirmed in the lame duck session.
Republican politics as usual….. for now.

We shall see what comes of that but Pelosi and the new kids in the power seat need to know that we will not allow them to let this “President” and his potential new ally continue their ways for another two years.

We did not elect them to do that. We have put them there to hold these people to account and we will not accept anything less than that.

Get the full story on Robert Gates and his history via the link below this excerpt from CQ at The Raw Story.

I strongly urge you to consider joining CQ as this site is the online place for critical information about what is happening in the Congress.

It is time to get wise.

Get the tools to educate ourselves.

Never fail to use them consistantly, effectively and by any and all means at our disposal.

Its on, my friends.

Peace Y'all


Gates’ CIA Past Could Haunt Him in Confirmation Hearings

By Jeff Stein, CQ National Security Editor

“The president’s choice of Robert Gates to succeed Mr. Rumsfeld . . . is deeply troubling,” Rep. Rush D. Holt, D-N.J., said in a prepared statement.

“During his tenure at CIA, Mr. Gates developed a reputation for pressuring analysts and managers to shape analytical conclusions to fit administration positions, a fact that led dozens of current and former CIA analysts to oppose his confirmation as CIA Director in 1991,” said Holt, who will likely chair an intelligence subcommittee starting in January.

Holt alluded to a connection between Gates’ past and his future at the CIA.

“What we need going forward in Iraq is straight talk about the challenges we face, and open-minded leadership that is willing to speak truth about the situation, no matter how unpalatable the news. Mr. Gates confirmation hearing should be thorough and probing.”

Read the rest of the story


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