Something Fishy Going On.....

Guest post from Peace Tree contributing author, American Socialist.

Something Fishy Going On...

Saddam's trial seemed like it would never end. Gas prices seemed like they would never go down. Bush was saying that he was keeping our country safe. Why is all of this changing around the midterm election?

Doesn't anyone else find it a bit odd that Saddam's trial has been going on for over a year (it began in October of 2005) and they have never been able to reach a decision until now, right before midterm elections? Today, Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to death. Of course, this would give the Republicans an extra boost in the polls. Putting two and two together, one could determine that someone may have been paid off to finally have a decision made in the Saddam trial, an effort to get more votes for the GOP.

But the dishonesty doesn't stop there. Think of how high the gas prices have been. Have you noticed they have been working their way down these last few months leading up to the election? History repeats itself. Gas prices went down just before the 2004 Presidential election too. And if history repeats itself again, the gas prices are going to shoot right back up after the election. Could the lowering of the gas prices be another attempt by the GOP to get more votes?

Here is something else to think about. All this time that Bush has been trying to sell us his war, what has he been telling us? He has been telling us that we are now safe because of what he is doing. Remember? He told us that the troops are protecting America from terrorists. So why is it that just before the midterms, he is now telling us that terrorists are planning another attack? Why is he now saying that we are not safe again?

One word can answer that.


Fear is one of the greatest methods of gaining control. Fear has been used to gain control all throughout history, even way back before our time. It is effective and the Republicans know it. That is why they are feeding us so many stories about Iran's "nuclear weapons program", and North Korea's. But have they ever mentioned the fact that Iran has stated that it's nuclear weapons program is a peaceful one. Yes, Iran wants to have them for defense, just like we do. The GOP has also failed to tell you and the rest of the public that North Korea wants to come to some kind of compromise with the United States.

Keep these things in mind my friend. Because any political party that is going to rig someone's trial, bribe you with low gas prices, lie to you and scare you to death is not the one you want running this country.

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