Sunday Poetry Series: now. . . to Baghdad and today’s violence

The selection this week comes from poet Jeanne Watson. More of her work is available at Poets Against The War.

and now...

now. . . to Baghdad and today’s violence
By Jeanne Watson

my mind lingers on the boy
defined in the lens of prosperity

a sparrow
I imagine with mutated crook
circling the infusion
of metal and flesh
his movement
indecipherable to my media vision

it seems his body twitched
as he peeks into the sculpted hull
cast most recently
in the art of hostility

he flutters
cock-eyed at the camera
releasing an impish grin

I sit so far away
the winter sun
finding a path through my window slats
my shoulders warm
my chair inviting

and now . . . today
the litany of circumstance
seems an displeasing patter
as I balance the remote in my hand
for what has this distant boy
to do with my world

but try as I may
though my cushion is plush
I simply cannot rest easy
his ill-suited smile
inside my darkness

God forgive us
forgive us all

Please visit Poets Against The War and all the talented writers who resist with their words.

Peace Y'all


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