This Is Very Ugly.

I saw a comment over at a liberal blog today from a guy who wanted to make sure we all knew how the conservatives were taking their "thumping" without blaming someone else for it, not crying the way "Liberals" did over voter fraud in the last two elections. This made me curious.

So I decided to take a look at what the right was saying about this national referendum on their party.

What I found was anything but taking a defeat with grace and dignity.

The far right wing republicans are so pissed off they may take Bush and the republican leadership "out" before the ink dries on the first democrat subpoena.

A few of the more graceful and dignified comments:

I quite. I not going to vote again. It's time I gave up on this political bullshit. I just hope the nuke attack comes soon. Let it be on the East Coast where it belongs.

I think this demostrates pretty clearly that voting should be a privilege, NOT a right.

Islam must have a boot smashing into its face forever until it becomes a grown up religion not bent on murdering everyone on the planet...Bush cannot comprehend this or the Donks even less...they do not have the intestinal fortitude for it...

The Virginia Senate Race will head to a recount, and it will be 2000 all over again, with the fate of the Senate hanging in the balance, as crazed politicized recounts will send the country into turmoil for weeks! Expect it to go all the way to the Supreme Court as ballots are challenged.

The GOP leadership needs to be hung!

expect the next attack
this will be a big one with many casualties
which is why I moved the family away from the city
I am retiring and never setting foot in DC again too damn dangerous now only good news from it is President Pelosi will have to deal with a whole order of magnitude more casualties than Katrina

And so it begins. Bono of U2 is asking the US Congress to return a Australian in Gitmo to Australia for "a fair Trial"
Terrorist appeasement begins.

The people have spoken.
The people are an ass.


Sad, very, very sad.

Peace y'all


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