Is our new razor's edge between Carville/Clinton centrists and perfectionistic progressives?

Today we have a post by Peace Tree contributing author Dr. W. Chrisopher Epler.

Is our new razor's edge between Carville/Clinton centrists and perfectionistic progressives?

OK, on the one hand we've still got Naderesque ideologue types who trashed the year 2000 Presidential election. Ralph Nader was a zero in touch with reality politician and most of us will NEVER go down that counterproductive road again!

On the other hand, we have the gutless Clinton/Carville DLC (Democratic "Leadership" Council) which is now and always has been Republican light.

And a plague on both their houses!

If the 2006 midterms showed us anything, it's that most (voting) Democrats want something SIGNIFICANTLY LEFT OF CENTER. Does that mean we have to get Nadirized again? Certainly not, but it does mean DLC talk of "compromise" and "bipartisanship" with the Bush/Republican neo Nazis is an obscenity.

Yes, we have to be pragmatic, but we also don't have to be "told" we have to be pragmatic by marshmallow centrists. Hey, Howard Dean was pragmatic. Duh. That's how we won the midterms.

So where's the razor's edge in all this?

SIGNIFICANTLY LEFT OF CENTER, that's where it is! Our lives, country, and planet are now on the line and what we want are policies and politicians who are neither counterproductively "ideological" nor closet Republicans.

However, this really isn't complicated. Centrists didn't win the midterms nor did spaced out intellectualizers. WE won the midterms and we know who we are.

So listen up centrists and perfectionists, we are going to follow through with the muscular, moral progressive agenda we VOTED FOR.

This truly is life and death time for our planet and country and, guess what? We ain't gonna be talked out of our victory.

So Republicans, centrists, and election-give-away Nader types, buzz off. The REALISTIC progressive agenda is on a roll and it's going to stay that way!

Viva America.

W. Christopher Epler

Peace Y'all


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