My Latest Subscriber, Army Directorate of Automation Services

Bloggers love watching their subscriber list grow, I am no exception. I have to wonder though, just what my latest subscriber finds so interesting about my little blog.

Personally, I think its probably the Sunday Poetry series that hooked them...lots of folks really like that little feature.

Naturally, I just had to google Army Directorate of Automation Services....not surprising that I did not find much out there about that....honestly I didn't spend a whole lot of time looking either.

Yeah....I bet it was the poetry : ) FYI: Tina is up next week...I bet you just can't wait...me either.

I just hope a real person is reading the blog and not some impersonal computer forever searchng for some keyword or another. Dangerous words like peace, progressive and liberal.

I suppose it would be impertinent and un-patriotic of me to ask just how much of mine and my fellow Americans tax dollars you are spending to check up on my little corner of the blogosphere? Maybe, at the very least, you worked out a good bulk rate deal for us taxpayers.

Well, be you human or hardware welcome aboard and as always,
Peace y'all


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