One More Death

The world has been informed that Saddam Hussein has been hung by the neck until dead.

Is the world a better place for the conducting of one more barbaric act of killing?

To some the answer is obviously yes... Brutality is wholly justified for the brutal.

Brutality is still brutality be it justifiable or not.

Lest we recognize the simple fact that brutality is still brutality be it justifiable or not, our own brutality and our suffering the brutality of others will never end, no matter how many dictators we support and then hang.
It will just go on and on....until we can choose not to support savagery when it suits us and meet savagery with savagery when it does not.

A great teacher once said "Love your enemies"
He was even willing to die for his.
America trades crime for crime with our enemies and then we dare to ask for this teachers blessings upon us.
How utterly disrespectful is that?

You do not destroy an idea by killing people; you replace it with a better one.
Edward Keating

Peace y'all

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