Sunday Poetry Series: Thump Thump Thump

My apologies to the DAS, I was incorrect in my previous statement that Tina Louise was up this week, its actually thepoetrymen, which I am sure you will enjoy every bit as much. Tina was up last go-round.

This weeks selection comes from Peace Tree Poets Society member, thepoetryman.
His piece this week is a little different than what you may be used to seeing in his work. Different is good now and again.

and now...

Anybody's monologue


You ever heard dat fools rush in?
Well dat ain’ all dey do.
Fools rush in wearin’ dey glarin’ teef, ya see?
“Clatter click click clatter click clatter clatter”.
Dey fine demselves naked `n shivrin’.
Dey laugh, “heh heh heh…”
Dey don’ care!
Hell no dey don’! Dey don’ tink it matter!

Dis, “heh heh heh”,
dis ain’ no Mista Magoo laughin’.
Uh uh.
Ain’ no laugh of no inconsequential man, neither!
An' it ain' no chuckle o' no blather-sprung chicken!
No, siree! Lordy be! No way. No how...Uh uh…

Dat be de laugh of de nudge-n-wink man.
De laugh of a fella done stumble in
`n tooked de goddamn oath!
Whoooo! Sho’ `nuf!

More like de sumbitch confiscate `at sucka!

Sworn to de highes’ bureau o’ dis mighty lan’!
Oh my did’n he ever!
On de bible he place dat grimy-no-good han’
`n swore he’d not fornicate it never...
He swore t’ God above he did…
Uh huh…

Now look what he done gone `n did…
Umm ummm…

It funny, ya know…
Shore is, `cuz he had not one smidgen
of `n iota of a split millisecon’ flea’s ass
what de hell it meant!
Nudge-n-a-wink he did. Nudge-n-a-wink…

Heh heh heh,
dat’s de laugh of a empty-headed scamp
stretch taut o’ hubris
s'rounded by a unruly horde
o’ well dressed, warmongerin-sycophant!
"Yes, Missa President! Yes, dear leada!
No doubt `bout it, George!
Yessa, in a whiz! Couldn’ `gree more!
Right `way, sir! Bomb Iraq it is!"

Forget all dat understandin’ o’ de world!
Forget diplomacy! Forget de facts!
“Yessir! Right `way, sir! Yessssssssssa!
Lordy! What de hell dat?

Nuttin, `merica,
Go on back t’ sleep.
Dat’s right. Close dem eyes.

Sendin’ little babies flyin’ t’ heaven…
Sad like de sky a fallin’ kinda sad, ya know?


Forget diplomacy long’s George `roun'!
Nuance ain’t fo’ dat frat boy
knee-deep-steep in `is own shit!

“Beer coolies fo’ everyone!
Duct tape `n gasmasks!
Water bongs `n apple pie!
Time t’ clear some brush!
Time t’ whistle fo’ de dog
`n drive `round in m’ truck!”

Goddamn fools we be!
Andy, Barney `n Otis
rolled tighter `n a crazie eddie!

Purple rain come down on de Buda-war!
Regular shootin’ gallery!
Daytrippin’ in de West Wing!
What goddamn fools we be!

Heh heh heh
…Jonesin’ a fix in Irack!

Jonesin’. Mouth workin’ de country.
Quada done reemed `im,
ripped de paper bag.

Thump, thump, thump go de bible
Lock `n load go de sarge,
`n "Give me ten.
Ten boy and ten girl.
Cut `em in half `n give me twenny!"

Body packin’ God’s drug to de cube skied dreamer!
Either ya pass `em `roun’ `n ingest `em,
`r ya kick de cowboy junkie out o’ de big house,
`cause dis here world’s `bout ta end…

Visit thepoetryman at his home blog for for of his fabulous work.

Peace y'all

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