For whom does the Neo-con lobby lobby?

Today we have a post from Peace Tree Contirbuting author, Dr. W. Chrisotpher Epler.
Before we get to his questions, I have one of my own.

I direct this question to those of you who worked so hard, using our system of democratic rule, to change the balance of power in Washington.

How surprised are you that the Democrats have shown within their "First 1oo Hours" that they are no more serious about stemming the flood of legislative inlfuence peddling and the prostitution ring of corporate campaign funding than the Republicans?

When It was reported that Nancy Pelosi was planning on giving the Playboy suite in the House to Dennis Hastert and Impeachment was off the table...I felt compelled to expect her to throw us a bone, while in sheeps clothing, high above us on the Hill, she enjoys the kill with the rest of the washington wolves.

For whom does the Neo-con lobby lobby?

Once upon a time, America belonged to America.

However, that was before George Bush sold America's soul to Paul Wolfowitz and company.
More specifically, that was before names like Wolfowitz, Perle, Kristol, and the American Enterprise Institute (AIE), etc., became the dog, which is still wagging the tail of American foreign policy.

Even more heart breaking, is that was before this lobby of individuals and organizations buried the American Dream in preemptive, quicksand Middle Eastern wars.

In a just released USA Today poll, 61% opposed an escalation ("surge") in Iraq, and 26% (a new low!) approve of how Bush is handling the Bush/neocon War in Iraq.

So how is it possible that this neo-con lobby is still the virtual control center of America?

FACT: The policies of this lobby DO NOT represent the will of the American people, as this hot off the press poll unequivocally shows.

FACT: The policies recommended by the neo-con lobby prompted Senator Ted Kennedy to say, Iraq is George Bush’s Vietnam -- a view shared by increasing numbers of politicians of both parties.

FACT: The Bush/neo-con wars are bleeding the American economy dry. It is too depressing to even keep track of the billions of hard-earned American dollars that keep disappearing into these Bush/neo-con rat holes.

FACT: The Bush/neo-con wars have been the killing fields of over 3000 dead American heroes -- all of whom have families. The utterly avoidable tragedy of this is infinite.

FACT: The Bush/neo-con wars (or are they crusades) have made America the number one hate object in the Muslim world.

etc., etc., etc.

So how and why are this handful of men and their "think tanks" still the secret gods of American foreign policy?

It all comes down to this:

(1.) The above facts demonstrate that they are not lobbying for the wishes, well being, and national security of the United States of America.

(2.) So, for whom and what, in God’s name, ARE they lobbying?

W. Christopher Epler (Bill)


Peace y'all


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