Just Say No! Tomorrow!

Apparently Mr. Bush still has not heard us.
Many groups are planning rallies across the country tomorrow to tell him again.

I encourage all Peace Tree readers to get out in support of stopping this escalation in Iraq.
Please see the message below from Move On to find a rally near you!

Tonight the president is expected to announce a policy of escalation in Iraq. We have to stop it, and the 24 hours after his speech are going to be critical in framing the debate. Congress and the press need to know that there's widespread opposition to this reckless plan.

MoveOn members have already organized hundreds of Emergency Rallies to Stop Escalation in Iraq for tomorrow night. We really need to have a strong turnout at these rallies so the message is heard loud and clear:

Escalation is the wrong answer.

Can you attend a rally near you tomorrow?

Click below to find one near you:

Get out and get involved! Find a Rally near you!

Peace y'all


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