Sunday Poetry Series Encore: Art of Mind

After having been mistaken about which poet was up this past week...I got to thinking...that must have come from the fact that I needed some Tina Louise this week...maybe you could use some too. So, the logical thing to do was have a Sunday Poetry Series encore.

Tina Louise on Art of Mind: The world is what we think...

Art of Mind

There is a soul of all mankind,
One entity divine.
Fed and nourished on our thoughts,
Fertilised by battles we have fought,
Enriched with the wisdom of the meek,
Scratched by the claws of the greedy elite,
Marked and branded by all that we do,
Unable to portray anything,
But me and you.

Birthed by the soul creator,
Sustained by our human nature.
Formed without a choice,
Unable to ever voice,
Dismay or despair,
Just am, being, there.

The universal soul we made,
With all we thought was erased,
All the deeds we dutifully did,
All the secrets we secretly hid,
All the lies we deemed to tell,
All the cracks upon the shell,
All the frowns and laughter lines,
Etched on it for all of time.

It is the art of our minds.

Visit Tina Louise at her home blog!

Peace y'all


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