A Prayer for the New Year

A Prayer for the New Year

In our darkest hour may we be blessed with at least one Soul who will not judge us no matter how we may judge ourselves and when our tears have all been shed never fail to remind us that life awaits only our first step to unfold the path to a brighter tomorrow beneath our feet.

May the joy and beauty of our unique gifts find their expression in all our endeavors.

May our minds be at peace, our hands be gentle, and our words be kind.

In our hearts and minds, may we desire peace, prosperity and love as much for those who are against us as we do for ourselves.

Let us find a way to let peace begin with us.


Bless you all, and thank you for the caring and support you have shown me over the year past. I look forward with great joy to spending another year learning and growing with all of you.

Peace y’all


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