The American Table

Today we have a guest post from Peace Tree contributor, Brother Tim.

The American Table

The gluttonous Neo-cons have been feasting for over six years; it's time to clear off the table.

The first thing that needs to come 'off the table' is aggressive military action against Iran. It shouldn't even be a 'last resort', there are too many other alternatives.

Not only do we have Bush, Cheney, Rice, and most of the Republican House and Senate saying, "Nothing is off the table", but a good many Democrats as well. Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama have both said, "Nothing is off the table". It is inflammatory rhetoric, meant to keep the Military/Industrial Complex's war machine churning.

The American people are sick and tired of war. They're sick of their young men and women dying in a no-win war. They're sick of seeing countless thousands of foreign peoples slaughtered in an aggressive, illegal war. And they're tired of draining the treasury to fill the pockets of obscenely rich corporations with the immoral, unGodly Neo-con fantasies.

In his February 10th speech at Munich, Russia's Vladimir Putin said:

February 12, 2007 (RFE/RL) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered an impassioned address at the annual security conference in Munich on February 10, in which he blasted the United States for trying to impose what he called its "unilateral" vision on the world. Saying the United States had "overstepped its boundaries in every sphere," Putin chided the European Union for doing little to check U.S. influence.

Read the full text in English here.

My Grandaddy would have simplified it by saying, "They're gettin' too big for their britches"

Putin has also agreed to supply Saudi Arabia with Nuclear technology and 150 Russian T-90 battle tanks. He has already provided Iran with an anti-missle defense system and nuclear technology.

China has also been helping Iran in their nuclear quest.

It doesn't take a geo-political genius to see where things are heading. Does anyone honestly believe that Russia and China will sit idley by while we try to decimate Iran like we did Iraq? What will that prompt all the other Arab countries to do, as they watch America's Imperialistic drive on the Middle-east? They'll be wondering, "Who's next?". To make matters worse, if we use a nuclear strike, even a limited one; Tehran is on the 35th parallel, at which the prevailing winds are west to east. Do you believe India and Pakistan are going to stand still for us contaminating their countries?

The only time the 'Frat-boy-who-would-be-king' ever told the truth was in 2000, when he said he was a 'Uniter', unfortunately, for six years he has been uniting the wrong people.

There are many other things that should be 'taken off the table', such as making the tax cuts for the wealthiest permanent and his no-win wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When the table is cleared, we can put back 'on the table' more important and pressing things our country needs, like Impeachment, Habeas Corpus, Posse Comitatis, the Kyoto Agreement, and repealing that Constitutional Rights-stripping Patriot Act.

Praying for Divine Intervention,

Brother Tim

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Peace y'all


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