Just Tell Someone

Today we have a post from Peace Tree contributing author, Lori Hahn.

Just Tell Someone
Lori Hahn

We had a little Valentine’s Day excitement in the area this year. The Clerk of Courts for neighboring Yolo County (home of ultra left wing UC Davis) decided to get her political opinion moxy on and announced she would be handing out “Certificates of Inequality” to queer couples unable to marry under California law. Obviously, it was viewed by some as a publicity stunt. Duh.

Freddie Oakley, a married mom of some kids, and the clerk in question, is entitled to have a political opinion, and to prepare such certificates with her own time and money. She ran for office as a politician with an opinion—why her deciding to observe the event in this way on the holy Hallmark day of love is pretty apparent—she wanted to be heard. And, the press came out. Most importantly, I agree with her, for the most part.

Protesters carrying those pesky little California polite protest signs showed up at the courthouse as predicted. Several couples took advantage of the offer of the certificate. More press ensued. And, it really didn’t make much difference either way—today.

Few minds were changed on Valentine’s Day because of this stunt. But, for every public official, celebrity, civic leader, church group and individual (hey, that’s you I’m talking about) who voice their disagreement with the continuing unequal treatment of taxpaying, consenting adults who love and have made a commitment in responsibility to a person of the same sex, it brings us that much closer to victory. All those faux-Family Values types just don’t get it—we’ll keep raising our families, whether we get your sanction or not—and they’ll turn out just fine­—we’ll just do it without health insurance, mutual Social Security benefits, and Federal tax benefits, but we shouldn't have to--my tax money is as good as yours. I’m heartened that people like Freddie Oakley aren’t afraid to stand up and inevitably be accused of all sorts of skullduggery—you can be sure she’s even been pummeled with comments like, “You must be GAY!” Oh, the horror.

If you feel that this continuing inequity is wrong—tell someone! Try it out in front of the mirror--see how it rolls off the tongue--not so bad, huh? Then, try it out on your congregation, your neighbors, your friends, and your family. Tell your Congressman and Senators. Tell your loved one. Post it on your blog, send a Letter to the Editor of your local paper, tell your postal carrier. You can make a difference. You can. Just tell someone. Say the words out loud. Do it today, then do it again tomorrow. If you’re not afraid to speak up, then maybe they won’t be either.

“I think it’s time to end all discrimination against Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transgendered people.” That’s all you have to say. Let’s call this the JUST TELL SOMEONE project. Pass it on. I’m counting on you.

Bigotry's birthplace is the sinister back room of the mind where plots and schemes are hatched for the persecution and oppression of other human beings. ~Bayard Ruskin

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