Beyond Anger

Greetings All,

It has been some time since I have had much of my own to say around here.

The Peace Tree Authors Community has graciously provided the bulk of the posting lately and I sure am pleased to present their work and hope to continue to do so.

LOTS happening in my life the past few months, the attendant changes and challenges that have naturally followed have been quiet amazing.

Mostly all of them are of a personal nature and I never really envisioned this blog to be about those things directly so I will spare you that.

The thing is, that somewhere along the line from my first rant against the neo-cons/fascists now running our country I have grown tired of being angry about that.

I still find their actions just as reprehensible as I ever have but somehow the anger and animosity I had for them is quiet.

That was something to ponder, for sure.

One of my dear contributing authors here at the Peace Tree asked me to explain my understanding of the need for focusing our attention on the negative, the horrors, the suspicions and the now almost commonly accepted crimes of our own government.

I said I thought it might be necessary for some people to get angry before they are moved to new thought or action. I still think that is very true. The essays articles and poetry are served up pretty hot at times around here…as they should be. It was just that kind of “in your face” truth telling that awakened the fire of anger in me sometime ago.

Strange too, how so much of that anger turned out to be about the working through of complacency and entitlement issues of my own.

You know the old saying “if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem”

I lose my anger when I also see that in our world of relativity you cannot have a solution without a problem either.

Perhaps the space in between is where we make the choice to be peaceful or not.
Maybe if I consistently make the peaceful choice……I get to keep the fire of new thought and action but lose the anger? We shall see.

It may be that I shall rant another day…but for now…I just want to enjoy not being angry.

Peace y’all


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