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Greetings All,

I have some really great stuff coming down the pipeline from the awesome contributing authors, here at The Peace Tree but today I want to let you all know about a blog I have come to highly respect and heartily recommend…This Free Nation.

I checked him/her out briefly a few weeks ago when I saw a few hits from my link at this blog. I have added this site to my blogroll of daily reading because I paid a few more visits following my site meter link and every time I do, there is something worth reading.

No comments…just some great insight.

So check out Saorsa at This Free Nation…I highly recommend it.

"Saorsa" is Gaidhlig for "Freedom"


Freedom from phone calls like the one I got tonight from an anonymous group asking me to answer recorded political survey questions framed from an extreme right wing perspective would be nice. I had to hang up…I was getting nauseated.

Then you know I had to wonder, is this a new tool in the war on domestic terror?

Anyone else had one of these yet?

Mr. Gates, the Rummy replacement (seems so long ago does it not?) feels it is imperative to focus on Americans who are a threat to National Security otherwise known as BushCo Worldwide Enterprises. Every Corporation should be so lucky as to have an army in control of their marketplace. Except things are not turning out quiet as expected. Some folks see Team Bushco as International Outlaws who have wrapped themselves in a flag wearing ever thinner. Their actions mock the flags arriving home from Iraq they do not honor them.

The Soldier dies fighting for peace.

Ask it peace in the heart of Bushco or something else entirley?

Peace y’all


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