10 Appalling Questions Americans Never Dreamed We'd Have To Ask

Today we have a post from Peace Tree contributing author, W. Christopher Epler.

10 Appalling Questions Americans Never Dreamed We'd Have To Ask

(1.) Did elements in the Bush administration in any way actively encourage 9/11? Remember, before 9/11, George Bush was in a political toilet, but after 9/11, he was media transformed into a cardboard hero (but why -- for cowardly hiding out while reading children's books upside down?).

(2.) Has America's foreign policy been taken hostage by another country? Specifically, has the Lukid Party become the true control center of the United States of America? It's now self evident to barnyard animals that the neocon lobby isn't lobbying for the well being and national security of OUR country.

(3.) Is George Bush deliberately trying to kill our one and only planet Earth to "speed up" his pathological, Armageddon death wish? Said differently, is Bush ignoring the international scientific community, not because he thinks they're wrong, but because he's afraid they're right, and thus resists any rational strategy to slow or stop global warming, widening ozone holes, polluted air, water, and food, and the general rape and murder of Mother Nature by Texas energy companies.

(4.) Why did only high profile Democrats receive anthrax in the mail and what are the true circumstances of the tragic death of courageous Senator Paul Wellstone? Remember, his circumstantially preposterous death gave the Senate to the Bush/Republicans.

(5.) And just what funny business is going on between George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden? Remember, bin Laden's "photo op" before the 2004 Presidential election dramatically helped Bush to steal the election more than any other factor (always nice to have friends, isn't it?). And why has the collective fire power and intelligence capabilities of our country been unable to find ONE man in going on seven years? Also, why were members of the bin Laden family flown out the United States a mere few hours a fter 9/11 (service with a smile!)? And why was bin Laden allowed to escape from Afghanistan. Questions, questions, questions . . . but no answers.

(6.) Have the Republicans factually stolen the last two Presidential elections (plus several 2002 midterm elections) with corrupt voting machines and illegal dem/progressive voter-trashing tricks? According to the exit poll international standard for measuring voter fraud, John Kerry is now unequivocally President of the United States. In short, is the Bush/Republican administration systematically (and rapidly!) murdering our Constitutional Republic, which is based on free and fair elections?

(7.) Is our country, after all, a mere a Dictatorship of the Rich? Are we in denial about how less than 1% of America controls nearly all of the wealth? How many jobs do you now have to keep your kids in school and put food on the table? Think of where you were six years ago, before the Republican greed vampires took over our country with a stolen election.

(8.) How much of the 20th Century Nazi Party is still alive and well in the sewers of the Bush/Republican Party? 1945 may seem like a long time ago, but the beat goes on with transcendental evil, and the MO of the Nazis was absolutely identical to the MO of this administration, i.e., hypnotic propaganda (e.g., the American Judas media), fascist/corporate dictatorship, and cultural totalitarianism. Multitudes of Nazis were scattered all over the planet after WW2, and they have surely been proliferating like viruses, perpetuating their Heart of Darkness horrors. And what better host th an an army of greed obsessed, Republican psychopaths? This is not empty speculation, as study after study has revealed that an international network of fascist/Nazis (the name is irrelevant) is still living, monster like, deep in the infrastructure pits of human civilization.

(9.) Once and for all, who are dem centrists like Hillary Clinton really answering to? They certainly aren't speaking for progressives and the American middle and lower classes. Maybe the bottom line is that "centrism" is fascism light, since they are the court jesters of the America's astronomically rich. The problem with Hillary is that no one knows if she's really there, since she has never taken a stand about ANYTHING. Hopefully, her all glitter and no guts DLC politics will be annihilated in the context of 2008 life and death issues. When civilization is desperately fighting for its life, centrists are the luke warm ones Jesus said he would spit out of his mouth.

(10.) And lastly, for a little comic/serious relief, what's the story about Senator Joe Lieberman? This likudnik Arron Burr is betrayal incarnate. The fact that he's the only congressman George Bush ever kissed (in public) says it all. Boy, that kiss sure reminds you of Judas, doesn't it? Except it wasn't given by Christ, but by the 3rd millennia's number one candidate for the anti-Christ.

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