It Is Time For All Of Us To "Attract Peace"

Today we have a post from Peace Tree contributing author, Kristen S. Boyesen.

By Kristen S. Boyesen

There is a lot of buzz going around these days about the movie "The Secret". It is everywhere. Shrug it off if you wish, but consider how much nicer your day is when you have a smile on your face and in your heart. If an incident starts you off on the wrong foot and you choose to stay in a bad mood, bad things just keep on happening. I have not yet seen the movie, but from what I understand, this is a very simplistic version of what it is all about.

We have this need for world peace.

We can work towards that goal in several ways. One involves screaming rage at those responsible for all the ills of the world. (And what is screaming rage? Is it peaceful?)

The other way is passionate peace. Transference of all that screaming rage into passionate peace is a very powerful force for world peace for those who choose to direct their energy that way.

Until you have a chance to see "The Secret", here are 100 quotes at Insights Blog.

This link will send you to "The Secret" website where you can view the movie for $4.95 or purchase the dvd. (No. I am not getting a percentage on this. I am spreading the word.)

On a personal note:

The Law of Attraction has manifested itself many times for me since the beginning of the year, when I set my heart on a new direction in life. Here are two examples many will say are "coincidences". Everyone has choices to think their own thoughts. I felt blessed.


The first week in January I met a friend for lunch. We had not seen each other for two years, and talked for most of the afternoon. It was a great time of connecting and sharing.

The next day when I was dressing warmly to go out, I could not find my scarf. I looked all over, then called the restaurant. Upon looking, they said it was not there.

This was no ordinary scarf. It was a black pashmina shawl, very fine weave, that kept my neck warm but not bulky-feeling, even wrapped around twice. It also was large enough and fine enough to use as formal wear for dressy occasions.

I felt lost without it, but thankful for the wonderful time I had spent with my friend. If losing the shawl was the price, then I would accept it.

Meanwhile, I wrote out a "lost" poster and got it right in the mail to the restaurant, asking that they post it in the employee area.

I waited for several days, thinking of it being returned to me, then forgot about it.

Two weeks later, I received a call from the restaurant. They had found the shawl.

The day the shawl came back to me? My birthday.


I went to a meeting wearing an antique earring that I found in my mom's house after she passed into her next existence. I was using it to hold a scarf in place, like a tie tack. Unfortunately, pierced earring backs do not grip as tightly as tie tack backs, and I discovered, as I was checking my coat, that it was missing.

I looked on the floor from the entrance to the coat check desk, and in my seat of the car and on the floor of the car the next day. I had forgotten to look on the ground outside the car when I returned, and kept thinking I should call the facility to see if anyone had found it and turned it in. But I did not. It is winter. The earring was silver colored with cut clear glass "jewels".

I was sorry for the loss. I did not even know if the other earring existed to make a pair. It was the first time I had used it and I grabbed it to serve a purpose.

"Let it go", I said to myself. "There are more important things than an old earring".

Today as I was sitting on the bottom step of my staircase to put on boots to go out to shovel snow, my eyes were drawn to the shoes that I had worn the night that I lost the earring. I had left that meeting and gone to another, but do not remember if I had worn the shoes since that night. I doubt it.

Because stuck into the very edge of the shoe was the earring! I had not stepped directly on it to smash it flat. I had not stepped on it at an angle so it flew away. I had not missed it by the 1/4 inch it would have taken to miss it.

I stepped on it in exactly the right way to keep it with me, which is what I wanted when I put it on ... to have it with me, to have whatever family member that it belonged to be with me as I met new people who might be interested in my new business to help people heal and find peace.

The day I discovered that the earring was not really lost? Valentine's Day. A give of love to me.

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Peace y'all


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