Confused and Hurting

Today we have a post from Peace Tree contributing author, W. Christopher Epler.

Confused and Hurting

Gee, that's a weird title for a political piece, isn't it . . . but it may be a shoe that fits millions of us.

Dem progressives fully expected the successful 2006 midterms to be a mandate for dramatically changing to a more liberal Congress, but in spite of those elections (and poll after poll), our Democratic representatives are doing their samo, samo thing, i.e., as little as possible. Token photo op's and toothless congressional bills seems to be as good as it's going to get. Lot's of talking the talk, but no walking the walk.

And then there's Hillary Clinton. The DLC seems determined to shove her down our throats, but for the last several years, she has literally been in a different solar system from courageous liberal values and policies!

In fact, she really hasn't taken a stand about ANYTHING, and a committment-less Democratic candidate would be a Karl Rove triumph. Plus, enough already with recycled Clintons!

So this is where the confusion kicks in. Maybe she's the only "realistic" game in town. Maybe our vision of returning America to a populist government is pitiful illusions. Maybe Happy Hillary is also as good as it's ever going to get. Of course, practically nothing would change since the Carville/Clinton DLC machine is tooled to crank out only court jesters for America's astronomically rich.

Now, Gore is another matter. But is he or isn't he? My dream ticket for 2008 would be Al Gore and General Wesley Clark. Gore for the planet and "charisma" (boy, what a change from 2000!), and Clark for the necessary, substantive military back up. Invincible! But is either of them going to run?

The hurting part is that apparently ONLY IF we elect someone like Gore and Clark, can we dare to revive our hopes that America can be the land of the free and home of the brave again since the 2006 midterms ended with a whimper and not a bang. The Bush/Republicans have mangled our country so hideously that a "centrist" like Hillary Clinton would be like brushing your teeth while drowning. Or said differently, when Civilization is fighting for it's life, dem centrists are the luke warm ones Jesus said he would spit out of his mouth.

So, what to do, what to do. Should we support an elite centrist if that's

(1.) the lesser of the evils, and

(2.) the only game in town?


should we keep fighting the good fight for a kick ass liberal Congress and Presidency, knowing this might be a recipe for being re-Naderized again, since Nader (as in nadir) is now hinting he might run for the 2008 Presidency -- aarugh!!.

Of course, a dem centrist would be the lesser of the evils when compared to this fascist/fundamentalist horror show (but so would a cow in a suit), but do we really have to settle for one baby step back to the left? Dear God, the Bush/Republican administration is bankrupting our economy (look at the end of February collapsing stock market!), raping and murdering Mother Nature, and trading the blood of our children for stolen Middle Eastern oil. Just because a starving man is given a bone or crust of bread (the bennies of DLC Carville/Clinton types), should we say, "Oh, bless you for your infinite kindness?"

If only, if only, if only the 2006 midterms had infused the Democratic Party with a dollop of nobility and grit, but after the fact wishful thinking is meaningless. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear-- something like that.

To oversimplify, I guess we have to choose (again!) between idealistic long shots and crust of bread centrists, but for me, God Bless America means going for the progressive gold. We owe it to our astoundingly wise forefathers who settled for nothing less than TOTAL liberation from
their mad King George. No more Neville Chamberlain's, please.

Hey, maybe 2008 will turn out to be our long awaited Camelot! It sure never hurts to think positive . . . even though I'm still confused and hurting.

W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

Visit Bill at his home blog The Liberation of Realism


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