Eulogy for Falwell

Been waiting and waiting
Craving inspiration
Seeking to eulogize
With mounting frustration
A man whose crass actions
Divided the nation.
But lacking in outrage
His death no sensation,
In place of expected,
Sought after elation
I'm feeling a kind of
low-impact deflation,
And so just perhaps I'll
Give in to temptation
Reflect for a moment
On Falwell's vocation.

Seems that the crackpots
From Westboro Baptist
Will try for a Lynchburg
Pre-funeral protest.

They're going to preach
That Falwell expressed
Not nearly enough of
The hate they attest
Christ has for gays, women,
Blacks, Jews, and the rest.

And so with the scum of
Topeka I find
We are quite ironically
Of the same mind
Agreeing that Falwell
Will not find salvation
But is quite more likely
In line for damnation.

They say you shouldn't speak ill of the dead, but I can't help but feel that the world will be a better place without Jerry Falwell in it. The funeral's tomorrow, and many GOP luminaries are planning on skipping it.


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