A class of diseases or disorders characterized by uncontrolled division of cells and the ability of these to spread, either by direct growth into adjacent tissue through invasion, or by implantation into distant sites by metastasis (where cancer cells are transported through the bloodstream or lymphatic system). Cancer may affect people at all ages, but risk tends to increase with age. It is one of the principal causes of death in developed countries.

-The death of truthiness-
If you want to know what I think when it comes to important issues facing our world today all you need do is ask. I’ll not hesitate to tell you my actual position on any topic under the sun. I hope that is the case with anyone when dealing with issues that are paramount to our war-laden globe. Unfortunately, it would appear, the truth is hard to come by. Hell, even truthiness is beginning to disappear from the political lexicon. Truthiness had a short run, but then suffered a quick death at infancy; the truth got skipped, the “i” omitted and the “ness” lopped off, leaving the converse of fact.

-Just ask-
Go ahead, ask any neocon for an answer. Instead of the truth, or even truthiness, you’re likely to find more spin than a Hoover Megaload 1600 and more lies than the Grand Canyon brimming with Nixons.

-Neocon psyche-
I'm sure on the surface the neocon has a sense of being immortal, yet, truth be told, deep down they must feel rather grotesque, I mean, after all, they suffer from the disease I've coined neoconcer.

A class of disease that stands alone. Characterized by controlled division of people and the ability to recruit the weak to spread lies, either by direct contact with the naïve and/or ignorant populace, or by implantation into the national psyche via fear, God, patriotic fervor, or all three, where by megastasis (where neoconcer cells are transported through the weakened blood flow to the brain). Neoconcer may affect people at all ages, but risk tends to increase with age. It is one of the principal causes of death in oil rich nations and can spread most readily via political/governmental deceit and propaganda. It is an indiscriminate disease. It can invade the right, center, left, any color skin or religion and can cross ethnic and economic lines with ease. However, neoconcer is found mostly in those that claim to be Republicans.

-The signs-
Neoconcer attacks the intellect and the spirit and leaves these essential qualities bogged down in a dark and oppressive fluid with no chance of surfacing. It is no small matter, as I’m sure you know. The entire earth’s population is effected from the millions who suffer from this disease.
Here in the US all one need do is watch any 2008 neocon presidential candidate speak, I do not call them Republicans, for they do not deserve the party moniker. (As for the 08 GOP contenders Ron Paul would be the exception since he seems to be immune from neoconcer). But, if you watch a neocon speak you will see all these telltale signs; the insipid one-line catch-phrases based on WW I, WWII, 9-11, terror or freedom and God. You will also witness the constant trumpeting of such hot-button issues like abortion, immigration or gays (in or out of the military) and the self-conscious look of “I can’t believe these fools are clapping?”

-Truth and the neocon way-
You’ll be hard pressed to find a shred of truth within their words, but they are sure to inflame and spread the debilitating disease. There is no substance in their answers, none. They simply do not care to be honest about the true extent of the threat of terrorism in this country, or to solving or alleviating the issue of immigration. They'd rather exaggerate the threat of terror and immigration and keep building on the illusions that GW and his minions, most notably Dick Cheney, have forced down our throats for the last six years. And when it comes to the occupation of Iraq, despite the reality on the ground, or the will of the American people, or the voices of other nations, the neocon continues to attempt to try and make us believe that victory in Iraq will miraculously arrive tomorrow.

Want to know what I think? Those suffering from neoconcer are a danger to themselves and to the world at large. They may only appear to be nothing more than 9-11-sychophantic-prepostorous-inane-terrorizing-catch-phrased-one-lining-hot-button-toads, but they must be stopped at all costs.

Have not a doubt, my friends, neoconcer is the greatest threat our nation and the world has ever faced, bar none.


The white hot virus void of justification,
Veiled in fear’s manifest cloak
Writhes in an endless variance with truth.

Counterfeit words tumble through teeth,
Eye to eye in treacherous speech
to the sycophant’s prophetic acclaim.

Rumbling bluntly, blindly to bow
at the blood-spattered feet of death
and propel air-sucked spin upon them.

There’s no poetry in the neocon despair,
No verse reckons their woeful wish,
No cure, save for complete removal.

There’s no prose in a bomb’s release,
No hope in a child’s blasting grief
Save for strapping `round vengeance.

Turn, heavy and searing neocon! Retreat!
Be done with your contemptuous deceit!
There is no peace in it…

Copyright © 2007 mrp (thepoetryman)


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