tuesday post for peace

when i started my blog over a year ago, i wanted to try a new thing. i didn't have any idea of where i wanted to go or what i wanted to do- i just wanted to learn how to use this new fangled (to me) medium. i still don't really know where i am going or what i want to do- but i have honed and refined my opinions as an american and as a citizen of the world. this platform helped me to do that.

i sat on my front porch yesterday- as many idealized pictures and movies of early america show- and looked around my little spot on this planet. you can google earth your home these days- satellite pics doncha know- and it is really quite amazing (and a wee scary). anyhoo, we were due to get the obligatory thunderstorm (because it just seemed to fit yesterday) and the wind was starting to pick up and toss things around. i felt like dorothy gale for a minute- but i stayed in my lawn chair enjoying the moment. just that moment. i remember thinking to myself- 'live for this moment.' why? because there may not be more moments like that one in my lifetime.

so- this is a post for peace. i think folks who are posting for peace should just put "peace- NOW!!" on the blog- because what else is there to talk about? what else is there to hash over or rehash? being occupiers in iraq and afghanistan was not what the founding fathers had in mind- but then again, neither was shredding the constitution that they worked so hard on. what do we stand for? white sales and summer bbqs? i don't begrudge people those activities. i enjoy them myself. but when they take precedence over you being a responsible person and citizen of the 'greatest democracy' then- yeah, i think that there is a problem. there is no reason for america to still be in iraq. or afghanistan. osama bin laden is dead. that is why they can't catch him.

peace in our time.

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