morning cuppa

a good friend emailed this to me this morning- because it reminded her of hubby and me. i can only hope that i am the change that i want to see. i am capable of it.

"This is not the time to throw up our hands, nor to exhaust ourselves over-defining our problems. It is time to choose our lives. In so doing, we’ll have a rippling impact that will make all the difference."

American Dream Project

i would add- we should stop getting stuck in one mode. we all need to get a grip, grow up and move forward. we have debated ad nauseum the illegalities and evilness of bushco. we know that he and his admin are working on world domination and a centralized government with america at the helm. we don't have to keep ploughing the same row. what we need to be focusing on is not converting the masses- these folks are willfully ignorant. granny said that a friend of hers deliberately 'tunes out of political things.' we must accept this as the norm and move on. we need to concentrate our own energies on positive rather than negative. what is it that we CAN do in the face of insurmountable odds? can we singlehandedly take out bushco? no-and the dems won't for political reasons. we CAN take a handle on the environment and become more self sufficient. we CAN continue to think critically and independently in order to leave a legacy behind that is positive. we CAN squirrel away knowledge in order to leave it to future generations who may get the rewritten neo con version of history. is that capitulating? no- it is sowing the seeds of revolution and rebellion. it is sowing the seeds of democracy for future generations. we need to continue to fight but let's be realistic- we may have to go into guerilla mode.

my point is this- the thinkers among us know that bushco is as bad as many of the other repressive, controlling regimes out there and not as bad as others. the bottom line is- american democracy with the constitution as our foundation- no longer exists. we need to get over it and move forward. we are not going to be able to regain what we have lost. we have to work with what we have- until and unless we start electing REAL leaders. we have to let go of the destructive hatred and focus on what we need to do. progressive means moving forward- not spinning our wheels and rehashing everything eighteen times. it is up to us to be the leaders we want and stop relying on weaker minded politicians to do it for us. we don't have that luxury anymore.


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