I just called on congressional leaders to demand that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resign or be removed from office. The recent scandals involving the dismissals of eight U.S. Attorneys and the report that the F.B.I., which is part of the Department of Justice, violated the law and abused its authority under the Patriot Act to obtain personal information about American citizens are just the most recent in a series of failures.
This Attorney General puts the President above the people. He has shown a deeper fidelity to the political interests of President Bush than to the public interest and the rule of law. It is in the nation's best interest for the Attorney General to resign, and if he fails to do so, President Bush should remove him from office.
The New York Times recently called for removing Gonzales from office. Can you join me - and a growing chorus of voices - by speaking out and signing the emergency petition that Congress demand Gonzales resign or be removed from office?
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sign the petition.


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