open thread friday- legacies

i watched the movie 'stranger than fiction' last night. excellent movie smartly done- i highly recommend it. it is not will farrell being 'blades of glory' funny but it is well written- which is a rarity these days in entertainment. i won't tell you about the movie because i want you to see it- but suffice to say it ties in with my other thoughts of the week- legacies. everyone wants to leave one- whether through work or offspring- and since i have neither- i guess i started thinking about mine. actually, i got thinking about contributing to the world and how people would remember me. i was hoping folks would remember me fondly- although i am outspoken, opinionated and downright anti-social at any given time. then i started thinking about the bigger picture.

jason giambi admitted to steroid use. i know this because i was at my favorite thinking place- the laundromat- and heard it on the tv they have on the sports channel. then, i started thinking about my mother. i am her legacy, as is my sister. she gave her life and her dreams to us because she had to take care of us. she isn't famous and she has no money- but her memory will live on because of us. she also said that we have no heroes anymore- no one to look up to in an era where steroids are the norm rather than the exception and people don't do anything without an angle- and no one wants to use their own merit to get the job done. it's about image and greed and money.

what will america's legacy be? dubya's legacy is one of corruption and war- whether he wants it to be or not- and his children are... well not the greatest legacies you could hope for. america stood for an ideal once. we never matched the idea in reality but we stood for it nonetheless. now, we are known as greedy bullies who renege on promises and refuse to play well with others- even our allies. what will our legacy be in 50 years?

what will mine be? i don't believe in having children to carry on the family name or so that you do have a legacy. i don't have any. i would think that i would want my obituary to read that i was an honest person with integrity who tried real hard to save the planet and save the american constitution. a person who helped others as best as she could and inspired others to be the best that they could be. i don't want fame or money or glory. i want to plant seeds for others to tend and grow. i want people to want peace. that is what i want my legacy to be- you?

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