It's Just A Matter Of Time...

A female journalist killed in front of her son in her home in Afghanistan...
A leading Afghan journalist has been shot dead by unknown attackers in front of her son at her home north of Kabul. The attack came as Nato-led forces stepped up operations against suspected Taliban fighters in southern Afghanistan.

An Afghan interior ministry said on Wednesday that Zakia Zaki, owner and manager of Peace Radio, was killed late on Tuesday. Zaki ws also a school headmistress and attended the 2003 meeting that drew up Afghanistan's post-Taliban constitution.

London-based media watchdog Reporters Without Borders, which expressed "deep shock" at the killing, said she had received several death threats after openly criticizing regional commanders and the Taliban.

"Whether this savage act was linked to her work as a journalist or her civic responsibilities, it is vital that those who are responsible for this murder should be quickly identified and punished," it said in a statement.

Zaki's murder was the second of a female reporter in Afghanistan in a week. Shakiba Sanga Amaj, a popular television new presenter, was also shot dead in her home in Kabul on May 31.

I'm surprised that it hasn't happened here yet. Of course our media isn't overtly critical of our administration...a random few perhaps. But the tactic the White Homestead takes is to tell lies and discredit people that do completely. And there are plenty of sheeple that will follow along with it willingly. I imagine the bloggers have had the greatest impact on getting the real story out there...and 'they' are unable to control us...but they are trying to.

So the way to gain that control is to start with our rights on the internet. With Google on their side and others...they have a running tally of where we visit whom we say things...and exactly what we say when we are saying it. Whew! The politicians aren't happy with us being able to communicate with each other and rally around causes that they would like buried. A perfect example would be all corruption that has happened by the Republicans and how we have pounced on those stories to make sure they get readership and as much mileage out of the information as possible. Otherwise they will leave us in the dust of their contempt.

Try as they may...we won't take it lying down if they choose to make the internet very unavailable to us. We'll fight them...and then fight them some more. Just like trying to get out of Iraq. We'll take to the streets and hope they don't kill us for it...but we'll do our very best to take our nation back from these cheats and make it whole again. I feel like Scarlet O'Hara in the barren fields after she eats the old carrot and swears she'll never go hungry again. And what was it for? It was for her beloved Tara...her whole world...everything she knew and loved came from Tara. The same is for us who care about our America...the America we were born with...where we learned to love...and where we took that from which made us. We cannot become the forgotten and the dead in their eyes...we have to beat them at their game.


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