Impeach! That’s been the catch phrase for a while now. We should all be saying it. We should tell our friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers all the time. Actually, I say it to my dog regularly as she lies next to me while watching the cable news networks. Roughly, 75% of America think that Bush and Cheney are worthy of being kicked out of the Oval Office…stripped of their shortsighted power of corruption…with no authority to damage our country anymore…or its citizens! They have blatantly scoffed at the Constitution and corrupted laws that were set into place for that very reason…to be able to stop people in power from subverting the very laws that govern their office. Power Protection!

Dick Cheney (the Dark Lord) has been a malevolent force in our government for over 6 years now. He has subverted the processes of our government in so many ways. He has helped lead us into the terrible and life wasting War of Iraq. He is, at this moment, seeking ways to do the same thing to Iran. They didn’t go into Iraq with any kind of foresight for even our soldiers much less the obvious effects of an all encompassing war. The ramifications of this lack of vision is criminal in its undertaking. Cheney was part of the group that didn’t have the foresight to realize what kind of appropriate protection our soldiers needed or even proper water and food lasting them long enough while doing their duties called upon them. Shortsighted is too kind a word to describe their not thinking this appropriately through with the Military. They simply didn’t know what they were about.

And…we must never forget that he did business with both of these countries while he was in the position of CEO of Halliburton. If that isn’t a clash of interests…I don’t know what is! He says he is not connected to Halliburton any longer…but with his track record, I just don’t buy it! It’s always been quite transparent that Halliburton manages to get the important big contracts for nearly everything…and their profits are astounding.

It is an important time in our nation’s history. If we don’t take action as citizens now…we may as well take Impeach out of the national rhetoric then. Because, this is the time…it is justified never more so than now. So much information has come out recently that shows them for the lying liars that they truly are. When you get subpoenaed by the Justice Department…that is no small matter…it’s very serious. You don’t want this to happen in your life. People like us ordinary citizens would not be able to avoid it…we’d have no privileges to pull forth. Yet they fall back on the Executive privilege…or super duper secret privilege enough to make your head spin.

14 representatives already support H Res333…the Articles of Impeachment against Dick Cheney. This could be a pivotal turning point in our history. We must restore democratic principles to our government by Impeaching Dick Cheney! If we don’t stand together as a nation to do this…and start the process of getting rid of these criminals…we will continue to live by the sword…and the thump of their bible. We must rid our nation of this pestilence.


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