tuesday post for peace

why have we been so afraid? why are some of us still so afraid? afraid of the world around us; afraid of each other; afraid to speak up and speak out? is life so much scarier than when america was bombed by the japanese or had german uboats off of our eastern seaboard? is life so much scarier than the height of the cold war with the ussr's missles pointed at us? we have these vague fears of life that have come from somewhere. how can we push for peace in the world if we have not made peace with ourselves?

my post for peace is simple- slow down and consider what makes you afraid, and why. is it the images you see when you are watching america's average of 4 hours a day of tv? is it the rhetoric you hear on talk radio as you drive to work? is it the corporate propaganda you read in the daily newspaper? why not unplug and recenter? make peace with yourself. then, it can spread like ripples on a pond. peace in our time.

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