peace starts at home

i realize that the original is 'charity starts at home'- and that's true too. there isn't much more we can do to "fight for peace" these days. keeping up the pressure in washington is ongoing.

the folks there have their own agenda and they are not listening to us. what more can we do? my thought is- reach out to returning soldiers and their families in our own areas. we hear talk of the wounded folks coming home with horrible physical and mental wounds- and they are treated horribly by 'the system.' let's take 'the system' out of the equation. we can be the peace we seek by reaching out here- to our own. we can get involved in donating food, clothing and other life necessities to the millions of displaced iraqi and afghani families who are displaced because of our government. think about how peace is spread- one person at a time to another. namaste.


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