11th Hour

The long awaited 11th Hour DVD finally arrived from NETFLIX in my mailbox last week. I've had this in my Saved DVD Queue, like forever it seems; well, at least since I heard he had made this documentary. He would be Leonard DiCaprio, of course.

Here's the trailer, for those of you who've lived under a rock for the past year ~ smile.

Now, most people will talk to you about the most beautiful scenery/children dying or the famous people all talking about the doom and gloom of our climate changing us into fried cheese.

I, on the other hand, want to talk about the very end of the DVD ~ where people talk about the root social causes and ta-da ~ solutions to those real underlying problems we are all facing.

It was so fascinating to me that I did something I almost never do - I rewound just the last few minutes of the DVD to hear what they had to say ~ again.

Words like changing social structure and co-existing with each other so we can better take care of our Mother Earth, were spoken at the tail end of the film. They struck me very powerfully, as these are the very words I would like to hear in mainstream media.

Ya know, we do get it. The theme of losing our ozone layer and frying us like a crisp piece of bacon has been repeated over and over again every time Climate change or Global Warming or Global Cooling or what ever set of words you want to use to describe this place, this time we are living in.

But doesn't someone else besides me want to know something besides the what is happening and the how to be 'more' green'??? BTW ~ I'm so green it's coming out my pores ~ smile.

Like does anyone want to know the WHY, since I was a child and played outside all day, ate mud pies and drank from the hose; we got to this predicament of plastic bottled water, disinfectant white homes and baby/children stalkers everywhere?

Is our future really a Fear-based society with lost connections to our roots, making TV reality show participants more important than our next-door neighbors or extended families?

So People, like this review says ~ we have HOPE! And now for those of you shaking your heads and saying, "Az that's just not so.", I'd have to say YES IT IS! It doesn't matter who won the primaries or secondaries, we can have what ever we want in our lives. Yes, we can and I, for one, refuse to take on this fear; to where we are driven to hide under rocks and not ever get to meet our next-door neighbors because we are told they might be serial killers. Point blank, I refuse.

And the reasons I refuse are three. My grandchildren, the most adorable kids on earth ~ says this proud NaNa. But not only for them, for their play mates and classmates and friends and all the tiny perfect children being born right now. We can't buckle down and believe this fear bull-shit thrown at us from every media source. We must be strong and turn it off; either physically by turning off the boob-tube or emotionally by looking in the mirror and telling ourselves how beautiful we are and the world that surrounds us. We must be strong for the next generation and bring them up like we were to, to love our fellow human being - like we love ourselves. We should smile at our neighbors and the grocery clerk; get off our damn cell phones for one minute to acknowledge the person working for less than minimum wage right in front of our face.

Hope my friends ~ hope is what I leave you with!

Now ~ go and pay it forward to at least three people!

Hugs and Peace!


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