School of the Amerikkkas Watch April Fast Info...

I can't actually fast. I have an energetic six year old to support and guide plus a fatty 22 month old to breastfeed. So, I will content myself with spreading the information and asking for support for a cause that I think is probably being overlooked what with the eyes of the world being fixed on the Middle East and China's oppressive occupation of Tibet. Note: This is not me trying to enforce a hierarchy of causes. This is me just trying to contribute as best as I can to attention being paid to all sources of imperialist occupation and terror. I can barely keep track. But I hold the various bits of information in my head with as much dedication as I can muster.

Thousands Now Fasting Around the Worldby SOA Watch

On Wednesday, April 23 SOA Watch activists around the world launched this years' April Fast. Thousands are hungry for justice and are gathering together in community and in individual reflection to call for the closure of the School of the Americas/Western Hemispheric Institute for Security Cooperation. Vigils, marches and street theater, film fests and group or individual fasts are being held in places like Ghana; Oaxaca, Mexico; Susquehanna, PA, and cities all over the United States. Together we are weaving a fabric of resistance to US imperialism in Latin America enforced by SOA/WHINSEC-violence. Join us! Click here to find folks organizing fasts and events in your area, and please let us know how your experiences and events are going by sending an e-mail with photos and reports of your events to info(at)soaw(dot)org or calling us at 202-234-3440.


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