New Template Waiting On Approval

A Poetic Justice
The Art of Peace

What do you think of the new design? (If you approve, I will implement the template on all of the pages with their own particular montage in the header. I have implemented it on the two blogs above- click on the picture(s) for the links.)

I know. I know... I change templates like one changes socks, but I do really like this design and I'll stay with it if you approve. That's right. I'm leaving it up to you. I have worked on it all day and will likely fine tune it as I go. I know how it loads rather fast with my computer and my high speed connection, but it would be nice to hear some feedback on it. I tested it on Mozilla and they were rather friendly to one another, so much so that I yelled, "Get a room!". ..

Please visit and let me know your thoughts. My muse threw a fit until she saw the finished product. I think she sighed a sigh that read, "Let's get a room". I might not have heard her correctly, my ears are still a bit muted due to her latest outrage at nimrod in chief, so it could well have been a sigh of exasperation. I truly need and desire your input.

Base template via ParaNovoBlogger



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