Planet in Peril – the documentary

I happened to rent this documentary, as I do not watch mainstream television and wanted to see what they had to say about climate change. I like to watch these kinds of documentaries, to get tips and hints on what I can to do in my small way to help.

Well, wouldn’t you know it – I come away from this documentary with something completely different.

And now I’m wondering if it’s our plant in peril or us?

Mother Earth seems to be very a very resilient and resourceful plant. I find that she has had no less than 5 mass extinctions since her creation mostly due to cyclical ice ages and just her volcanic rumblings and tectonic plate moves. According to some experts in the field, what we are experiencing with sunspots and earth changes now ~ might actually be a readily predictable ice age ~ one that has repeated itself every 10,000 years on her surface.

I digress though, what I wanted to talk about was plastic. You know, that stuff we use to store just about everything in including water.

At the end of the documentary, they took a family; mother, father and two small children and did blood work on them to assess their chemical exposure. What they found was surprising; the children, most especially the one year old, had the highest level of chemicals in his body. Huh? Now, that doesn’t make much sense until you do an Internet search of ‘bad plastics’. And we are not just talking about recycling plastics here; we are talking about our everyday, use in all kinds of products including baby bottles and children’s toys plastics that are toxic to the human body. Most especially toxic in small minute amounts.

Here are a few articles to get you started reading; Care2 and Bisphenol

Simply said,
Plastics disrupt hormones
Hormones create the human race
If we can’t reproduce
Then we have successfully killed off the human race
without Mother Nature having to do

one single thing.

peace my friend, peace


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